I am a psychologist and psychoanalyst. I have been working in private practice since 2018. I work with individuals and families; I lead groups and carry out supervisions. I hold sessions in Russian and English.

Humanе psychologist
I love psychology as a science, I believe in its effectiveness and closely follow new studies and the latest developments. We really do have the power to change many things, and it is imperative that we learn to recognize what is in our capacity and what is not.
I have a degree from the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. I am now continuing my studies in Clinical Psychology at the Karvasarsky Institute of Psychotherapy and Medical Psychology. I trained in group work at the Narcological City Hospital and the Psychoneurological Dispensary No. 7 in St. Petersburg (Russia).
Personal therapy and supervision
I have been in individual therapy since 2012 (over 300 hours). I have undergone therapy under various approaches (transactional analysis, DBT, psychoanalysis, relational psychoanalysis). I have been attending supervision and intervision on a regular basis since 2015 (once a week or more).

Since 2018 I have been leading psychodynamic groups for clients in difficult clinical situations. Since 2020 I have been supervising colleagues as a psychodynamic psychologist and integrative psychologist.
Talks and publications
I speak at conferences and publish articles. These materials and recordings are available in Russian.

Integrative approach
I carry out sessions using the integrative approach: psychodynamic and existential therapy. I also employ methods from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and transactional analysis.
In conversation I am mostly driven by empathy. Each person has their own story and their own individual experience that cannot be fit into the confines of a single method. It is important for me to understand and sympathize with the feelings of the person I work with, as well as to feel an emotional resonance.
I sometimes use film in my work. It is an enjoyable and accessible way to understand things about ourselves. I may suggest that clients watch something on the subject that concerns them. Watching films is both a means of supporting oneself and an opportunity to safely experience, validate and make sense of emotions.

Individual sessions
Problems I specialize in include narcissistic disorders, narcissistic parents, narcissistic trauma, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality disorder, other personality disorders, lacking a sense of purpose, depression, relationships with others, loneliness, emotional dependency, addictions.
I work with different people with different requests. As the process of psychological counseling develops, I find a common language with people of the most diverse professions, cultures and backgrounds.
I consult LGBTQ+ persons. I am currently in an intervisional LGBT+ group. Many psychological particularities of LGBTQ+ individuals have to do with an unsafe environment, so conditions of safety, confidentiality and careful, respectful conversation are especially important.

I consult clients with requests linked to their professional relationships, conflicts in the workplace, professional identity and effective communication with co-workers and managers.

I work with people for whom the language of metaphors and artistic symbols is clearer and more relatable than a simple description in words. This often helps understand the human non-conformity that is inherent in all of us but often hidden under a layer of unconscious taboos.

With diagnosis and medication
I work with clients who have diagnoses and take medication. Studies have shown that in cases of psychiatric diagnoses, pharmacological treatment and psychological therapy administered in tandem yield the best results. It is important to have an opportunity to change one’s condition with the help of psychological counseling alongside pharmacotherapy.

I am unable to work with clients who refuse to see a doctor if they are in need of psychiatric consultation.
1-2 sessions per week
50 minutes
Zoom or Skype

Family sessions
I carry out psychological consultations for family members undergoing problems in romantic relationships between partners or in child-parent relationships.

The role of a family psychologist resembles that of an interpreter between relatives or partners, helping them look at their situation more objectively and thereby find solutions that were previously not in view.

Partners, parents and children are the people who are closest to each other. At the same time, they are capable of pushing our emotional buttons and affecting our behavior.
Problems between partners
Perhaps you are unable to communicate your thoughts and feelings about things that are important to you to your partner. Perhaps conversation is hard and ends in conflict and disappointment. It is possible that mutual grudges are preventing you both from opening up to each other. It is possible that even such a close person as your partner is genuinely unable to wrap their head around experiences different from their own, denies that there are problems in the relationship and keeps acting in their usual way.

Problems in child-parent relationships
Perhaps you are unable to find a common language with your child or your parent is completely unable to accept that you are an independent adult; but you also cling to the hope that you will be able to establish a warm and safe relationship.
1—2 sessions a week
80 minutes
Zoom or Skype